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What is Singularity?

Singularity originally began as a blog, devoted to discussion of applied mathematics in Flash, particularly from the focus of someone transitioning from a long career in assembler, C, and C++ into Actionscript 2. That concept has extended into an entire business, focused on the application of mathematical and computer science principles to business decision analytics.

My primary services are in the area of business decision analytics, including operations research, AI, game programming, and predictive analysis. Companies use such algorithms for computer games, analyzing geo-coded data, competitive analysis, increasing revenue, up-sell and cross-sell predictions, make-vs.-buy, general forecasting and a variety of other business decisions.

If you have seen any episodes of the television show Numb3rs, then you have a good idea of what I do, although I'm not a geeky college professor ... just a geeky guy with a notebook computer :)

My resume contains descriptions of recent projects that may be of interest. Check the blog for code samples and white papers.

My clients range from advertising firms and government agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

News and Events

:: Announcing a new TechNote Series on applied computational geometry in Flash. I hope the Actionscript examples convince people that Flash is a valuable tool in teaching Computational Geometry (as most online examples are in Java).

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